With the COVID-19 pandemic and organizations moving toward working remotely, many business owners have been looking for the best online communication tools that will keep staff and employees connected no matter where in the world they are. Video conferencing applications and software, such as Zoom, have certainly increased in popularity since the pandemic started. While these video conferencing tools may work for some businesses, they aren’t necessarily the right solution for streamlining an organization’s internal communications. 

Fortunately, there is another solution available which will likely not only cost less but offer more features: a Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, phone system. Simply put, VoIP is a technology that transmits phone calls via the internet rather than using the more expensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). However, VoIP services offer more than just transmitting phone calls over the internet — VoIP phones are equipped with advanced, streamlining communication features that are not offered by your typical video conferencing applications.

Reasons to Select VoIP Business Phone Services Over Video Conferencing Apps

Especially if your organization has shifted to allowing workers to work remotely, finding a solution that will streamline internal communication is of the utmost importance if you want to ensure productivity and collaboration among employees. While you may be inclined to choose a video conferencing application or software, choosing to work with a VoIP provider can be more beneficial for your business or organization. Consider the following reasons to opt for a Voice over Internet Protocol system:

Use of Technology

In regards to ways of communication, both VoIP and video conferencing apps need internet connectivity in order for internal communications to be streamlined. One of the downfalls of VoIP in the past is that it only allowed for voice communication, but there are now solutions available to incorporate video conferencing features that allow for real-time collaboration. Another benefit of a VoIP system is that it is independent of other technology. Where on the other hand, video conferencing applications may need a VoIP or a time-division multiplexing network to transmit the audio to allow for real-time communication and collaboration.

Emergency Calling

An emergency situation can happen without warning. Luckily, organizations can rely on their VoIP business phone system to provide a safe and reliable means of communication. Many VoIP providers offer an emergency calling service to assist users during emergencies or disasters. With emergency calling features, whenever 911 is dialed, the caller’s phone number and physical address will automatically be forwarded to the proper local emergency center so help can be dispatched right away. Emergency calling features are not available in most web conferencing applications and aren’t designed to be a replacement for your business telephone. 

Easily Transfer Calls

Many modern businesses need to be able to transfer calls easily. Not only does it give clients and customers that are calling a professional impression of your business, but it also helps with streamlining communications and helping increase customer satisfaction. Most VoIP solutions have call transfer features built into the system, making it easy for users to transfer calls to another phone, an extension, or an outside number all in the press of a button. Even though some voice and video conferencing applications have call transferring features, the capabilities are very limited. 

Business SMS

While some video conferencing applications also have chat features integrated into them, many VoIP phone systems enable users to utilize Business SMS and Business MMS with the same back-end infrastructure that underlies the same business voice platform. These features allow users to send and receive text messages and multimedia files using your organization’s phone number, helping you maintain a professional identity. 

If you are looking for a platform that will help streamline your business communication and collaboration, a business VoIP phone system offers benefits that many of the video conferencing applications and software cannot. Aside from saving money, VoIP phone solutions are loaded with an array of features that are designed to streamline communication and collaboration within your organization, whether employees are working in an office or not. 

Choose Phoenix VoIP for Premium VoIP Solutions

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